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Reliable Ready Mix Concrete Delivery in Lindsay

Fenelon Ready-Mix Concrete is your source in Fenelon Falls for big and small ready-mix concrete orders. Owner-operated, we provide real concrete solutions for our customers. We take pride in our ability to collaborate on projects with homeowners and contractors to get the job done professionally, on time and on budget. We are devoted to providing our valued customers in Fenelon Falls and Lindsay with fast and friendly service.

Custom Concrete Orders

Get your concrete mixed with the exact amount of aggregates and steel reinforcements you need

Residential & Commercial Ready-Mix Concrete

Fenelon Ready-Mix Concrete offers all types of ready mix concrete and free estimates to our farm, residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our mobile mixers are radio dispatched so that your delivery of ready mix concrete will always be as quick as possible. For the big jobs, we also provide steel reinforcement supplies to make sure your concrete will be at sturdy as you need.

Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete offers many benefits for your worksite or project that other concrete products and building materials do not have. By choosing Fenelon Ready-Mix Concrete to deliver your freshly mixed concrete, you’re choosing an affordable and low maintenance product. Benefits of ready mix concrete include:

  • Reduced Construction Expenses and Time : Cuts down on material consumption and waste, labour and onsite storage costs.
  • Greater Quality : Quality is constantly maintained through properly mixed water ratios and texture grading of aggregates (from fine sand to coarse crushed stone) when you purchase ready-mix concrete from a company like Fenelon Ready-Mix Concrete. 
  • Lower Maintenance Costs : Due to the sturdiness and of concrete, buildings and projects won’t need much future maintenance. Moisture, humidity, termites and mould will not affect a ready-mix concrete construction the way other materials are affected.

If your construction site is in need of concrete, don’t pay expensive storage and mixing costs. Go with the more affordable option and call Fenelon Ready-Mix Concrete to deliver pre-mixed concrete to your specifications.

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